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Do you feel like a world changer? Are you at home after a period out of paid work feeling any of the following: under financial pressure, despairing, lacking mental stimulation, isolated, locked up, frumpy, baby-brained, lacking in confidence? Are you toying with the idea of taking the next step in your career out of the home? I’m writing this blog for you……


I was back in an office within six months of someone saying they thought I should. It took two years longer than it probably should have. I subconsciously delayed getting back into the swing of the (paid work)ing mother. Why?


I was frightened


It simply didn’t occur to me that I could keep any sort of balance if I went  back to work. Could I still be around for the people I cared about ? Could I keep my existing priorities AS WELL AS feeling the buzz of being out in the world? Performing the craft that I had spent almost 20 years trying to perfect.  That “trade” is nothing too high-brow or impressive..I’m a recruiter…but I love it and I missed it. It fulfills me and I am good at it.

Here’s my vlog on how I changed my own tiny patch of the world.

You can be a stay-at-home-mum and a world changer


I strongly believe that. I also believe that if it doesn’t fulfill you you should dip your toe back in the career water. You should feel absolutely no guilt.

The returnship industry is gaining huge traction


I recently came across the Timewise Power Returners awards. This showcases women and men who have taken 18 months, 3, 5 and a half years out of work. They have been recognized for their contribution since being back.

In my Comeback Girl podcast, I’ve interviewed IT analysts turned TV comediennes, session singers turned corporate learning and development consultants. I’ve talked to professors turned life coaches, broadsheet journalists turned national womens’ magazine deputy editors.

As an in-house recruiter, I’ve seen people come back into the consulting profession after thirty years out.


I encourage friends regularly in their 30s, 40s and 50s who have been doing meaningful stuff that contributes to society for years. Now, they should be getting paid for the value that they add. For most people, it’s a mindset change. A matter of getting very clear and confident about the unique value that you bring. Then, you can identify and attract who is prepared to pay for it.

From wherever you are sitting now, you can be a world changer. I’d love to build a collective of women who share their insight and experiences on this topic. I can only trot out my own story. There will, however be so many riffs on the same theme and they will all be invaluable.

Please follow along on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I would love you to share your stories or ask me for some advice. I’m here to serve.



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