In case you are new to Comeback Girl. I am the founder, Laura Izard. Here’s a short explanation of why I wanted to do this blog, and why I’m passionate about it.

I believe that everyone has a ‘rant’ in them and you cannot push me off my soapbox once I get going about how women lose their confidence after career breaks.

However, when you do return to work, you realise the following things:

  • You are more effective and efficient than you were before your break
  • You are more confident and this is good for you and everyone you work with
  • Your workplace is fun because it is full of people with different world views, expertises, backgrounds and senses of humour.
  • That includes the remote/virtual workplace
  • You are probably a better prioritiser because now you have to be
  • As you meet objectives you get a wonderful sense of accomplishment, that’s your little secret*

So if I know you can experience any or all of these, then I want to help and encourage you if I can. Hence the blog. Here is an interview that I did on Smash the Box where I described my mission.

*Oh and it is so much more fun going shopping for makeup, books or dresses when you earned the cash yourself.

I would love to hear your suggestions for content I can provide on the site. Please leave a comment if you have anything you want to suggest or an area you’d like me to cover as we go forward.

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