It is hard to keep perspective at my lowest time of the day, which I won’t be alone in saying is; late afternoon/early evening. I’m usually hungry, usually tired, but I need to “pull it out of the bag”. I need to get home to my real job: the family. I would say that is the hardest time in the day/week/year for me as a professional person. School holidays I can manage….I organise like a military general around them. Getting to school excursions and plays is tough but I have learned to forgive myself for that.

To me the big Working Parent Challenge is  getting home after the long day..

My children would prefer a gameshow host and I would prefer to soak in a bath it’s true.

I recorded this video at Christmas but it’s relevant to any busy period that you are going through in your life. Really, it’s about any time you are embarking on change or feeling overwhelmed. This message is so simple but yet fundamental to creating sustainable improvement.

I will every so often be not operating on all cylinders or at my creative or effective best – because of the basics.

I hope this little clip helps you to remember to bulletproof yourself with perspective as you make changes in 2019 – let me know if it does! Try and avoid being Hungry, Angry and Lonely or Tired.

Your feedback means a lot – please do leave a comment or get in touch on Twitter. I’ll be putting more videos on my YouTube channel as we go.

Happy New Year and be kind to yourself. Laura X