The Important Business of Rest – Your Own Mid-Year Appraisal

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A Special Time

A mid-year appraisal might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think”vacation”. Summer holidays can be a time for going into reflective mode, especially if we can get a change of scene. I’m going to sit in a garden in France for two weeks, slow down and recharge. For me this is a crazy time. Lots of Aussie visitors over for Wimbledon and the European summer. Work deadlines before vacations. Helping the children finish school without collapsing in run-down, grouchy heaps.

A regular review is commonplace at work now and I’ll be doing all of mine next week. During a mid-year appraisal we get the chance to recalibrate objectives for the remainder of the year, based on what’s happened in the first half.

The Whole Picture

I think it’s so vital to take some time out in your personal life too, create “proud moment” memories of the last six months and work out how they made you feel. It’s easier, then to work out if if still want to continue along the same path for the rest of the year. Should you drop stuff that isn’t important any more?

I notice that if I am feeling over-committed or jaded, I have a tendency to change everything wholesale; often too drastic an endeavour. This mid-year process helps you edit in a sensible way; tweak rather then completely overhaul. Below, I’ve adapted a corporate mid-year review for you to complete at your leisure in the garden or at the beach this summer. The purpose is to celebrate and recalibrate, not recriminate! To check in and see if we should be asking different things of ourselves six months in.

Ask Yourself

You deserve to have a rest, then get the best out of your next leg of 2018 so here goes:

  1. What have I accomplished so far (big and small, try and write out 20!)?
  2. How am I left feeling about those accomplishments?
  3. What challenges have emerged? What’s got in my way? Who has got in my way?
  4. What would I still like to accomplish? (be realistic but have one or two stretch targets for a future sense of accomplishment)
  5. Which goals are no longer relevant or high priority? What can I ditch?
  6. What resources and support has surfaced to help me? (people, networks, courses?)
  7. What am I feeling not so great about (it’s important to acknowledge the disappointments in order to move on)
  8. What two things, if I achieved them, would have the most significant impact on my feelings of success this year (mental, physical, social, family, vocational, professional, spiritual etc)?
  9. What am I grateful for?
  10. What did I learn about myself?


The Good News

From here, you can appreciate what you have in your life and re-commit. You know what you are playing with. You can build, grow from and re-focus. As Goethe says; “The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sort of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favour all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way….boldness has genius, power and magic in it”.

What Beliefs Aren’t Serving Me Any More?

I recently wrote about how we stand in judgement of ourselves. Are you doing this and what can you let go of?


Have a “Word” for the Rest of the Year


Why not have a word or phrase that encapsulates how you’d like to experience your next six months. This frames your goals and intentions beautifully. Mine this past year has been “commando training”. Seriously, I found myself outside marine training barracks in SW France last year and this spoke to me. This description has been so apt and helped contextualise everything. I’ve learned to podcast and blog whilst doing my day job and being a mum. Not to mention all the other bits in between. Sound familiar? Those words have helped ground me and give me context for what I am doing.

This summer read some soul food, listen to good music. Journal journal (please use my free resources if you’re up for it, map out where you want to go next). You don’t have to come up with sweeping changes to your life..a few tweaks might be all that it takes.

Useful resources:

Rest, Reflect, Resurrect pt. 1

The Power of Journaling in a Career Break

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