Self-Care as an Essential Back-to-Work Tool

Comeback Girl Self-Care as an Essential Back to Work Tool
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Often you forget your self-care when you return to work after a career break. We can be so concerned about those that we will be spending less time with/on instead of ourselves. Self-care is not selfish; rather it is a way of being better equipped wherever you are. We forget that we need to “put our own oxygen mask on first” as they say.

Recently I was invited to talk to Garry Turner from the Listening Organisation on his Value through Vulnerability podcast. You can listen below. We talked at length on this topic in celebration of self-care week.

I defined self-care as having compassion for ourselves and making decisions out of love, not fear.

Self-care makes commercial sense. For example, I am just listening to an entrepreneur talk about how her business grew.  Her story started with reasons why it failed for so long. This was because she was focused on the profit she wanted to generate, or lack thereof. In other words, she was focused on what she didn’t have and a fear of not paying the bills.

What changed in her business was when she started to look at her mission first, not profit generation.

She then made her decisions out of honour for the mission. This was: career fulfilment for all women. The business built as she made her decisions focused on the love of her prospective clients and what she wanted to achieve for them. I talk about it alot in the podcast.

I urge you not to forget yourself when you go back into work.

I totally forgot my self-care when I returned to work. I was focused on making sure the family were slotting into a new routine well. The rest of my energy went into meeting new people and learning my job in double-quick time. I felt that I had gone back into the parallel universe of working again.  Coming home, settling the children, eating some food way too late, limp through the weekends because I was so tired was unsustainable. No-once can just give out “give out and give out”, I would not have lasted. I’ve put an infographic together on what I believe to be the most important elements of self-care.

Self-care allows you to be present, and take moments to breathe and appreciate who you are, what you have, what you have achieved. From this wonderful place you can operate more effectively for everyone else. It is a superpower.

Self-care infographic
Here are my best tips on how to look after yourself and stay on top of your life, enjoying it rather than being overwhelmed by it

Download a pdf of the above Self-care infographic


Below is my interview with Garry


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