Roadmap for Success

Guidance Through my Back to Work Success Model ™

The elements of my Back to Work Success Model ™ are like a roadmap for success woven throughout all of my articles, resources and offerings.

Often we start by talking to friends and family when we are thinking about returning to the workplace. A great idea is to take our quiz.  “Am I Ready for Work?” will tell you just how ready you are and give you some insights into what you need to consider.

Career Coaching will help to make your Career Relaunch journey smooth. Think of this coaching as more of a kickstart than a long commitment… just  as many sessions as you need to get you headed out in the right direction with all the preparation and tools you will need for what is next.

Finally, my Interview Script package of video and ebook helps you prepare for that face to face especially when you are asked what you did while you were on a long break from work.