Video – Rest, Reflect, Resurrect Part 2

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This post continues our look at the value of incorporating these three r’s into your journey: Rest, Reflect, Resurrect, Pt1 (1-10)

11) Serve somebody else 
(not the usual person that you serve). You will get a boost from it that is different to what you get from helping the people who expect you to help them.

A study at Claremont University found that empathy toward strangers triggers a release of oxytocin and subsequent generosity.

Actress Emma Laird Craig says a service attitude even helps her get over audition jitters (she also recommends a book by her coach Tim Phillips, Audition For Your Career, Not The Job).


12) Move to music 
…on your own or with someone “It’s a great way to spread positive energy throughout my body and get excess, not-so-positive energy out,” says Talia Pollock, a New York City health and wellness coach. She runs with abandon “to songs that speak to my soul and make me feel like I’m on top of the world, totally capable of anything.”

13) Clean/de-clutter
Clutter can be a reminder of things that need to be done, and makes me feel like a bit of a failure. Straighten a drawer or a surface for amazing emotional benefits.

14) An elevating elixir
Every ingredient in this golden turmeric milk (apparently) has has nourishing restorative medicinal properties.

15) Practice gratitude
Make it a daily habit to jot down five things you’re grateful for, and 5 things you’ve achieved. Each day of this weekend, then forever.

16) Do ten minutes of yoga a day for far-reaching benefits

17) Watch this video
… on how to spark your creative process for 10 mins and ask yourself what could you do that’s creative? I started cross-stitching last year (not ironically!) and it uses up so much nervous energy, it has been transformative.



If you have more time, read The Artist’sWay (in 15minute chunks per day, or skim-read!). I have been recommended this book so many times.

18) Book something live
“Life beats down and crushes the soul, and art reminds you that you have one,” as the late actress and acting teacher Stella Adler told her students. Watching quality theatre produces tolerance and empathy as well. Amazing!

19) Think Before You Click “RSVP”
Paradoxically, despite our over-sheduled lives, we panic with nothing in the diary. We get used to constant stimulation. Over-scheduling is not great for anyone, including children

20) Grand finale- Make like a pie 
This one needs a bit more time but I thought it is such lovely reflection. Pick a flavor that describes you and write two sentences that explain why, advises work-life wellness expert Samantha Ettus, who views the pie as the best way to think about a balanced life. Next steps: 1. Divide your life into six or seven slices: Career, Health, Relationship, Kids (if you have them), Community, Friends, Hobbies. 2. For each slice, make concrete achievable goalssuch as “set a weekly date night with my spouse” for the relationship slice or “contact three new people every week to expand my network” for the career slice. 3. Start evaluating your success not on how you spent your time or with guilt over what you should be doing, but on what you’ve achieved. “Voilà!” Ettus says. “Now you have a healthier and happier way to look at your life and make progress.”(
Have a restorative weekend. The Christian message of Easter is hope, restoration, surrendering ourselves and forgiveness. It is available to everyone and you deserve a giant slice of the pie.

Rest, Reflect, Resurrect, Pt1 (1-10)

Books mentioned in the articles:
Better Than Perfect: 7 Steps to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create aLife You Love – Elizabeth Lombardo

A Life on the Edge – Jim Whittaker

Audition For Your Career, Not The Job – Tim Pillips

The Artist’sWay – Julia Cameron

Soldier Dogs – Maria Goodavage

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