Ready to Leap

Career Relaunch Roadmap Success

If you scored 74 and above, you’re raring to go.

If you are looking for the final polish, you could do the following:



      • Hit the search button on the blog to find relevant posts on negotiation, networking, using recruitment consultants, personal pitch, interview feedback… the whole process of getting back to work.



      • Work through as much of the homework section as is relevant. In particular, take some time out for you to determine to engage with your values. You have a chance before you go back to work to think about what an “integrated” life looks like. You can ensure that your new work life doesn’t have to mean that you forgo a focus on other parts of life that are important to you.


    This is the big gift of a career break;

    that you have discovered who you are outside your working identity.

    You can bring that evolved person back into work for the benefit of all.

    If you still need help  focusing on a targeted plan of action to do the following: e.g. being able to tackle all interview questions, negotiate powerfully and ensure that you stick within the boundaries of what you will accept, contact me for a session to get your tactics straight.


    I wish you the absolute best and please share on our social media to keep us posted /inspire others!



    Here’s a Checklist of What to Cover to be Ready
    and Polish Your Presentation

    Have your why

    Be clear with yourself on two things:

    One is why you want to make change,

    the other is what will happen if you don’t make change.

    How will it feel if life stays exactly the same? Pain is a powerful motivator. Give yourself credit for committing to make positive change. The truth is, things can’t stay the same because you have started thinking differently. That’s huge!

    Mind-map what it is you want to do. Take time out of your daily routine. Do this exercise without filter, trying to resist the voices of doubt coming in. Think about what be possible if there were no limits. 

    How things could look career-wise

    From here, you can still be affirming, visualizing and moving towards your job goals. Make a list of things you want to see happen, that you write down in the present tense although they already were reality.

    Logistics appraisal: have a rough idea on how you will be able to cover your existing responsibilities. Get some sense of how the practialities will work out once you are employed.

    You don’t need to have firm arrangements in place for your existing responsibilities ahead of accepting a job. I know, that feels nerve-wracking. Believe me you will turn into a lioness, making them happen when you need to!

    To help you visualise what your new reality will look like,
    it is good to think about a rough plan.


    Your Homework Should Encompass:


    How to cover care for your dependents and who you can call on for support last minute.



    What you bring to the market, what problems you can solve.


    How you will get your pitch ready.  (CV, LinkedIn profile, who you’ll network with)



    Knowledge building so that you have a new, empowered perspective. What websites can you research, events can you go to, industry thought leaders can you follow?         



    Much later, you will look at how to perform in interview and negotiate for the best offer.


    Remember as well that your ex-colleagues remember you pre-break. They never saw you on the playgroup floor or in your PJs in the supermarket. They just saw the Professional You taking great strides and that picture is frozen in their memories. Expect to catch up with technology or language of the office on the job. It’s OK not to know everything on Day One, but a growth mindset is vital.

    What You Have Already Achieved

    Celebrate your successes to date and stand on the power of your testimony. What have you done that you have been mega-watt proud of? Write yourself a list and encourage yourself in this.

    You will need to be able to pull on your innermost confidence at times on the path back to employment. If you did it before, you WILL do it again. Write down the best achievements, challenges you have overcome. Contract with yourself that you will have a realistic deadline and you will be kind to yourself in your self-talk on this new adventure.


    Whatever your deadline is to get a job, double it.

    Manage your own expectations right down on the timing. You simply cannot give the best account of yourself in interview if you are stressed. Think of it like dating! You never have any success when you appear too keen! “Hooking up” in the job market is the same. Be honest with yourself if any tension you may feel is actually unrealistic pressure heaped on by no-one but you. Are you subconsciously focused on meeting self-imposed deadlines or expectations?


    Write down your important values.

    These might pertain to the following areas if you are like me: mental, physical, social /giving back, spiritual, vocational/career, financial and FUN.

    Write down goals for each of these areas of your life; not just your job. I have learned that keeping balance between these helps enormously in your future work success.


    Stay Integrated

    Don’t obsess about your life change at the expense of the good things that you already have in place… family and social life, hobbies and self-care. Keep tracking with these things; they keep you balanced and help you to hold your career objectives more lightly. Perspective means power. If you have a bad day at work, it matters less because other things in your life are going well. For many, mini-rituals like daily centred breathing prove to be so valuable for this.



    For explaining gaps in your CV;

    See my new “Closing the Gap” script