Am I Ready to Relaunch my Career?

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You are wondering about your readiness for work?


But you have questions.

Am I ready to return to my career after being away for this long?

Why not put you mind at rest with our quiz?


The 20 questions cover the essential aspects of a career relaunch plan.

You will know where you are on the “returners” journey and what next steps will help you to move forward.


You may have already taken the quiz on our Home page.  Were you Beginning Your Relaunch Journey, On Your Way or Ready to Take the Leap?

If it has been a while since you took it and you are curious about your progress, you may wish to take it once more. You can compare your results to see how much further along you are. 

It can confirm that either you have more homework to do or that you need to take the leap and that you are ready for what comes.