Podcast #14 Lucy Standing on Role Shadowing

Comeback Girl Lucy Standing
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Can work shadowing help you find the right role for you? Short answer: Absolutely! Long answer, in her podcast Chartered Occupational Psychologist Lucy Standing describes the evidence base to prove it.

As founder of social enterprise Viewvo, Lucy is creating a market for returners or career pivoters to encounter a life in the day of their dream job. Carefully vetted “experts” will allow them to experience their ideal job field. The results are remarkable and in each case stop clients wasting precious time being fearful of making the wrong move or indeed any move.

Here are the highlights of the podcast (with timings):

Just Do It

1.35 – I need to do my best to change the status quo –I tire of people whining and not taking action

We Need to Change The Way We Are Recruiting

1.44 Our decisions are improved by having an experience of whatever we are deciding about before we do it, not with a general mental ability/integrity test and a job sample (current model)

3.07 Work experience in the form of internships and apprenticeships is becoming more popular. Gives people a chance to prove themselves

3.44 At Chase Manhattan Lucy introduced internships. On every single metric the interns were more successful in the medium term due to work shadowing

4.56 Nurses who had a chance of work shadowing in their trainings were 60% more likely to complete their diploma so (getting some experience) was incredibly powerful

5.05 I am giving people a chance to test drive the work they think they want to do e.g. a guy from a private equity firm who looked at a micro brewery; and invested hundreds of thousands before deciding against it as a career after work shadowing

6.17 From a day of working with a fashion designer, Mary now has a factory and ten staff!

How Viewvo Work Shadowing Helps You Find a Job

7.15 Each “expert” crafts their own experience of real life e.g. the author

8.4 Viewvo has come to help someone who does not have social privilege, who may be taken less seriously. e.g. Rosetta who is continuing a working partnership with her “expert”

12.2 How Vive works: will feed Viewvo  as an outplacement service

How Lucy Manages Her Portfolio of Work

14.08 –Everyone is supportive of each other at the ABP. Forging trust and being tolerent of each other is key

15.39 We are driven by drive to learn, defend, acquire and bond. They change in emphasis through life so our career preferences change

Sometimes Passion can Cloud Performance

17.09 There may not be a market for your passion. I cannot necessarily guaranteed myself a job out of my passion

18.35 Success  (who will get promoted) is not predicted on passion rather: proactivity, extroversion, conscientiousness. Passion is not the predictor

How much Can You Actually Glean in a Day’s Shadowing?

20.00. We apply our developed “taste buds”and the number of skills you can apply to any job are quite limited

20.48 Evidence would seem to be work shadowing helps you establish whether job is right or not e.g. Vanorama call centre

 Too much emphasis is placed on knowledge and experience

22.22 Emphasis on knowledge and experience are incorrect. We should be putting emphasis on transferrable skills

24.03 Pigeonholing  people into vertical sectors is very non-2019

Two Things that You Know for Sure That Bring Success

24.25 Two things I know for sure that you need to pivot in your career are:

1) take action,

2) be prepared to fail. We are so hung up on not admitting that we are perfect. It it so much easier to be vulnerable….your buddies will be more interested in you  not whining…and will big you up anyway. The startup world is heartening…..there is failure everywhere..

Catch Lucy through Linkedin and the Viewvo website


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