Podcast #11 Emee Vida Estacio on Imposter Syndrome

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She has written ‘The Impostor Syndrome Remedy’ and ‘Change your Life For Good’. In this episode, I talk to author and academic Emee Vida Estacio about her Amazon No1 selling books. She shares her tested methods for overcoming self-doubt and understanding and managing your inner critic. Her trademark is PAME: Living with Purpose, Action, Momentum and Energy. Listen here, notes below.


Emee is a chartered psychologist and university lecturer. She wants individuals and communities to flourish in self-confidence and in life. YES!

Highlights from the podcast with times:

Emee suffered guilt, panic attacks and possible post-natal depression after her baby was born. She lost identify, a “bit of herself”. After maternity leave she experienced chaos and felt very low. She made a decision to turn her life around. (3.18)

(3.22) She knew she was capable of “achieving great things “as she had done it before. And decided she wanted to share her process with others and have freedom with her time to write books. (3.41)

(4.08) Emee describes her portfolio career

Imposter Syndrome

(4.45) She felt like a hypocrite writing a book about Imposter Syndrome. “There will always be self-doubt”. The difference now is that she is aware of her imperfections and the triggers that exacerbate it.

(5.41) She is not stuck in the “self-doubt” any more

(6.15) Difference between the Imposter Syndrome and the inner critic?

(7.10) Experiencing Imposter Syndrome when it is not an inner critic, it is an external critic (others’ comments) or environmental factors.

TLC Technique

(7.45) The effective TLC technique- are our thoughts True, Logical, Constructive?

(8.5) 70% of people suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Does it affect business people?

(9.3) Managers and staff must be taught about Imposter Syndrome, it is particularly hard for new joiners who do not have an internal network to encourage them. This could really limit commercial success. It should be embedded in business training.

PASTEL technique

(10.5) Emee explains the PASTEL technique – we need a firm foundation/rationale for our actions. PASTEL technique stands for PAssion, STrength, LEgacy.

(11.51) What are you passionate about, you think about it and there is a spark?

(12.2) It’s important to lean into where you have strength.

Legacy: Reflecting on what you want to be remembered for? Seeing the end and living a life towards that end. Could just affect 2 peoples’ lives… it is STILL a LEGACY!

(15.5) Emee has been criticized for having a mission to increase confidence in a world full of “super-confident people”. The book, however is for those who do not believe in themselves.

A bit of Imposter Syndrome is good, it is a matter of balance.

(17) You don’t have to stay in the cycle of Imposter Syndrome but acknowledging it is a catalyst for growth.

Servant Leader

(17.28) Concept of the servant leader – the leader reaches out for a goal for the good of everyone. Not just to gratify the ego of the leader.

Women coming back to work from a caring role will be expert servant leaders, it is inherent in you. You become one as you look after others, have compassion, goals and agendas for everyone. It is for a more noble and common cause.

(19.3) Emee shares how she has gone about approaching people she does not know for mentorship

(22) Emee gives an example of reaching out to a life coach on LinkedIn to mentor her – don’t use a template to approach people! Make it personal!

(25.18) – Gratitude brings expansion to your life; as you reflect on what is good in your life your focus shifts.

(26.50) What you can expect from 30 days of working through the free book: it is a remedy not a cure, but the

30 days will improve awareness of triggers so you are in a better position, you see the performance interfering thoughts (PITS)

(28) – Emee collaborates with the  Frida Project– an online resource to support women

Emee’s website

Emee’s Facebook Group



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