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How to Cope with the Covid Blur

If you're a working parent of school-aged children right now your weekly routine has turned on its head. My kitchen is my meeting room, I can be looking at boiling peas on the hob or my boss's head. I teach my children about prepositions whilst doing my regular 9 -...

How to Look for Work During during Covid-19

What is going to happen to the job market? Surely nothing, with the global share markets plummeting. Businesses (hopefully) are focusing on the safety of their staff and cash preservation. We start to understand that we are in this for the long haul. The press warns...

Guilt of Going Back to Work

If you have spent any time at home caring for a loved one, whether it be as a parent or as a carer, you will know it can be incredibly difficult to go back to work and you can feel quite guilty about leaving the home and working.

Mind Mapping Your Return to Work

Mind mapping the return to work is incredibly powerful. There was a step change in my return to work results once I had done this exercise. There’s lots of research supporting mind mapping’s impact. I took an absolute age to go back to work. I came up with a million...

How to Tackle Anxiety in Your Job Search

Worry and anxiety really show up when we look for work after a long time. It begins with control, or the lack of it that you feel. You may get little feedback, you have no idea of the competition and no sway over job market fluctuations. Letting anxiety rule because...

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