How to Look for Work During during Covid-19

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What is going to happen to the job market? Surely nothing, with the global share markets plummeting. Businesses (hopefully) are focusing on the safety of their staff and cash preservation. We start to understand that we are in this for the long haul. The press warns of recessed, even depressed markets. For you, if you were looking for a job before the global pandemic, should you keep going? How to look for work during Covid-19?

My answer to this is yes, keep looking with a few caveats. It will probably take longer to get a role. Secondly, you may need to be more flexible than I would normally advise. The jobs are still there, just in different places.  We are going to need alot of workers in certain industries to get us out the other side.

Can a Recruiter Help Me Find a Job During Covid-19?

Recruiters, unless they are sourcing for key workers, will have time on their hands to talk. This is a great time to Link in with a recruiter who has been advertising interesting jobs. Ask them if you can have a Zoom call with them. This videoconferencing platform, like Google Hangouts and Skype for is free for one-on-one conferencing. Candidly it allows me to talk to more people than physical interviewing does.

Dive into Recruiters’ Talent Pools

After learning how to fully work remotely, recruiters are facing outwards again. Within my organisation, we are using this time to virtually reach out to and meet good people who we’d like to hire in coming months. Please, make our jobs easier and approach us directly!

Some Industries Will Hire Actively During Covid-19

Food industries, technology business, logistics companies, food deliverers will continue to hire. Online courses creators, pharma, defence and central government are all working at pace to support our response to the crisis. Remote meeting companies (as above) are all growing and hiring. Can you get involved even on a voluntary basis? You could reach out on Linkedin and ask how you can be of service with a specialist skill e.g.”I’ve considerable experience of motivating remote teams, can I perhaps help you?”. It’s also an opportunity to demonstrate what type of employee you would be.

Your Virtual Networking Will be Noticed

Like, comment and post, on social media, make yourself visible in areas that you are interested in. You can join industry groups on Linkedin/Facebook.  Build a reputation for helping and informing others within that group. Networking, more than ever now, is about service. Networking should be driven by your target company needs and how it matches up with your superpower.

Register with Specialist Agencies and Job Boards

This is a time to try different angles. Create a one-page document that lists your target industry, companies, job titles, and anything in particular you’re looking for. Then focus on apply to every posting you see that hits some or all of your criteria. An application that may ordinarily get lost could be picked up and it could be yours. Pay attention to the “keywords” that describe the job requirements and ensure your CV/covering letter contains these. A robotic tracking system can only match.

Volunteering and Casual Work as a Way In

There is no shame in doing any sort of work to pay bills and learn more about the world. Nothing is wasted. It is also a great time to do a course e.g. coding as then frankly the working world is your oyster. This website (insert) allows people to volunteer virtually. As always, you should view it as a win/win opportunity to support a cause, feel great and build a relationship with future employers. It can also help you take the time pressure off.

Play the Long Game

Please, give yourself more time. It is the most human, normal desire to try and rush through a period of uncertainty. Looking for a job is something to apply yourself to steadily and with measured effort, not obsessed about. Pacing yourself helps you to perform better and secure a role that fits. Don’t watch too much news and most of all beware the single story.

In many ways this time can be a precious opportunity to rethink what you want and what is important. Build as many relationships as you possibly can that may be mutually beneficial in the future. Take time for reflection and notice how this once-in-a-generation experience is influencing your thinking. It might take longer, but opportunities for work will appear.

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  1. Hi Laura. I came across your profile on Linkedin somehow which led me to your blog. I myself took a 5 year career break, returned to work for 8 years and find myself back on the market due to COVID 19 business restructure. It’s heartening to read your blog as go through this. you’re the first person I’ve seen who took a sizeable career break like me, yet it’s still led to a successful career. I too have come to the conclusion I need to think ‘big picture’ and how I weather the storm in all manner of roles, take certification if I can afford it. I’m in a predicament since to complicate things I changed career directions 8 years ago.

    If you ever run virtual or physical round table discussions I’d love to be involved if I can add value and share my experience. I too have learned a lot about what it takes to remain resilient through this, and I will have more learnings over the coming months given this particularly unique situation.

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