A micro pitch is great for school gate and anywhere you network, not just as interview preparation. This is a quick three minute summary that you have ready at every opportunity to describe who you are and what problems you solve in your market place.

If you are pitching in an interview – get some background first if you can, on your interviewer’s pain points e.g. “How has this role become available?”. This helps you tailor your response. Just three minutes is the right amount of time. “This is who I am, this is what I bring, this is my specific expertise and I am very excited to do ….. now”. You are appealing to the reptilian brain and responding to quite basic needs in your listener.

Don’t apologise if you have been on a career break, you offer so much from this period when you get back into the market. That is why returners programmes are so popular. Avoid referring heavily to your non-professional self…keep your listener picturing you at work.

Your pitch can be fun and is your way of subliminal marketing. As you hear yourself say the same thing over and over you’ll find that you sharpen your proposition. You might even change your personal branding as you practise. You never know what the outcome of conversations can be in any sphere, so do take the opportunity to rehearse your pitch on whomever will listen.

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