Slow Working (and an offer of free coaching)

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The first part of this post is a reflection on the preciousness of time and the value of slow working. The  second is an offer to you, my readers. I’ve now been off work for a month and truly changing gear. I’ve “done” lots of stuff but mainly, as I referred to in my first post on my sabbatical, tried to be mindful about how to fill the days. 

“Aim for the sky, but move slowly. Enjoying every step along the way” – Chanda Khochar ICICI bank

 Slowing down and intentional living

Slowing down/living is about leaning into peace instead of hustle. Erin Loechner in her book Chasing Slow explains slow living this way: ‘having the space in our mind to open the door wide even though the hallway’s a mess”.

Slow living is purposeful living

Slow living is sitting down at the beginning of the day and cutting down a list of 12 items to three I’ll definitely do. As a result, there is more free time each day for…nothing. To receive a neighbour, answer a friend’s call instead of messaging them later. Slow living is finding a spot in the garden (no screens or Netflix) and asking “what invitation can I allow to come back to me today?”. 

It’s leaving some space for a problem to solve itself rather than tackling it head on. As my friend Jess describes it, say a “yes to your no’. Yes it has been made easier by the fact that I have nine work hours of work per day have removed, but I am determined to be just as productive, and likely more because of it, when I go back. 

From slow living to slow working

I came across this brilliant article the value of Slow Working and productivity. In addition, I know alot of high achieving, board-level women who work this way.. I see them taking this article’s advice: defining success on your own terms, planning thinking time in your own schedule,  ruthlessly culling the to do list to only those tasks that will be “needle movers”.

I’ve watched many successful people practise “slow, deep working’. They have boundaries.  They regularly have  “focus time” blocked out in diaries: real, concrete appointments with themselves. Subsequently they can  just pause, reflect and execute more strategically. 

As I define what I think success is to me

I don’t want to do empty work, I want to do things that make a difference in peoples’ careers. Lining people up with their ideal work and coaching them on how to do it is my gifting. As I spend time connecting with my own “invitation”,  I learn my energy increases connectedness. Connecting to others is actually a unique kind of self-care.

An offer of pro-bono coaching for you

I’d therefore be delighted to offer you some pro-bonos coaching sessions with me  in September or October. In exchange for hour, three hour or five hour blocks I will offer you career or return-to-work coaching for free for a donation to one of two charities.

Child Friendly Spaces  is a Worldvision Initiative to provide vulnerable children in war ravaged countries like Afghanistan. They create a safe space to be a child and receive enrichment and education from adult safeguards. The other is the ADHD foundation: See  here for details on the packages available. 

Slow living is purposeful living

Over the course of my career I have actively coached colleagues, mentees and clients. As a result they made transitions to more rewarding career paths. I will work with you to narrow down your unique strengths. Furthermore I will create with you a focused, SIMPLE action plan to secure a role that fits with your purpose.

Let’s do it together and help some great charities along the way. You can then experience the value of slow, purposeful, intentional, connected working in your role. You really deserve it and can have it.

Arrow photo by Jens Johnsson on Unsplash

Thoreau photo by Hester Qiang on Unsplash



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