The Fear of staying the same as you are now can provide tremendous impetus for your return to work after a long break, no matter how scary that may seem. Tony Robbins puts it well:

“Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.”

I talk to you about fear as a motivator to go back to work in this vlog: The Fear.


What the Fear of Staying the Same Felt Like

I felt The Fear of staying the same just a few years ago was when my youngest got to school age. I could smell, touch and taste the loneliness and emptiness I expected to feel once they went. I had a deadline of the end of 2016 to be back in work to avoid full-blown Fear. I found the panic of anticipation overcame me a year before that.

They say running from pain is a great motivator and it certainly was for me.

I knew there would be a time, that was coming at me like a freight train, when between 9 – 3 the house would be empty.  No noise, primary coloured plastic, Cbeebies children’s TV and dried fruit “leathers” (what a name!). That was enough to send me into the job market.

Fear is a tremendous motivator.

This blog post talks about the founder of Smartblogger, Jon Morrow: paralysed from the neck down. In fact, he can only move his face. He talks about the fear of staying the same as a huge driver in his success. He says we can be driven by the sheer notion of just avoiding where we currently are:

“If you find yourself paralysed by fear, the only way out is often to find something that scares you more. Imagine what will happen if you do nothing, make it so real in your mind that you’re about to jump out of your skin, and then harness that energy to do the crazy things you need to do.”

Fortunately Some Women Never Feel This

when their children start at school and they have been stay-at-home-parent. They are delighted to have the day to themselves to pursue hobbies/not-for-profit activities. Society needs these amazing people. I, however, was built to be in business…I knew that I want to be back in the market, perfecting my craft. This was where I could best serve.

If you think you might be too why not have a look at this blog post for resources. You can sort my blog posts into the “Finding a Job” topic to get helpful starter tips. It is so easy to feel trapped into inertia by being frightened. You can really use it to your advantage when you go back into the job market. You’ve got this. You’ve totally got this.