Career Coaching with Laura

One-on-one Guidance Through my Back to Work Success Model ™

Laser Sessions Focused on Strategy and Tactics

Your Career Relaunch is a Process:

Coaching with me is logical and impactful especially if any of these questions below resonate.

  • Are you unsure about what you can offer?

  • Does the way tech might have moved on really freak you out?

  • Have you lost touch with most of your network?

  • Are you uncertain how to approach getting back to work and could do with a bit of a checklist?

  • Are you busy and are not sure you have the time to dedicate to finding a job?

  • Does “selling yourself” feel icky and irksome?

  • What’s a good LinkedIn profile anyway, and does your CV need a huge overhaul?

  • Even if you did go back to your old job, would it fulfill you?

  • Are you afraid that you just cannot work the hours that you used to do and have a life?

Together we will help you to:

  • Focus on finding a job quickly, so that you have your own money coming in faster.

  • Weed out your fears and change your mindset, so you feel safe and power-full going out into the market.

  • Restore and build your network and feel part of the working world again.

  • Gain the respect of your loved ones as they see you flourish and dazzle back out there at informational coffees, interviews and of course when you land the job.

  • Start to feel part of a bigger community – a “professional family” as you go back into the workplace ad make an impact.

  • Stop doubting yourself and feel confident about your abilities.

  • Spend time on your purpose and what it is that gives you that “flow feeling” you feel creatively fulfilled.

  • Have the confidence to negotiate more powerfully and have more impact at interview.

I don’t believe in expensive coaching or endless coaching sessions.


I want to give you a kickstart when you are ready.


I want to help you format an actionable plan

and set up the scaffolding that will support you

through the whole job search process.


I want to keep you focused on the right things

and I want to encourage you.


A career relaunch can be lonely and scary,

or with me it can be empowering and energising.

Coaching gets you focused on the important steps

and weeds out the negative thoughts,

so that you are clear on how to get back to work.

Here’s how:

Through short coaching sessions including homework in between

Through downloadable workbooks with concrete action steps

Through focused journaling prompts that inspire reflection and change

Through one-on-one Zoom conference calls at your convenience

What this coaching will achieve for you:


You will have an actionable plan to get back into the world of work. 


You will have a plan for networking, an elevator pitch and an ideal role and job application process.


You will create a LinkedIn profile and personal profile that makes it clear what value you bring to the market.


More importantly, we will identify what it is that you want to do, what feels purposeful and fulfilling.


We will work systematically through my Back to Work Success Model ™.


I am at the end of an email at all times so you don’t feel stuck or out on your own.

You knew exactly the right questions to ask me, you saw something in me that I could not have identified in myself.

Freelance Journalist

You gave me huge comfort in that you had been to the places your clients were in…you had the experience of facing the problems as well as of finding solutions.

Psychotherapist and Business Coach

You made me remember that I am in control of this process.

IT Sales Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I be working with?

Laura Izard – I have 25 years experience in the recruitment market both in-house and within premium recruitment consultancies. I’ve worked across a diverse range of industries. My own six-year career break is fresh in mind. I remember the fear of stepping out so well and now I am on the other side. I know that the market is FOR you not against you. I would have loved to have a cheerleader. Someone who kept my head straight and helped me take those actionable steps towards purposeful work.

Isn’t there enough free content out there to help me with my job search?
Yes, you could probably access everything you needed but it would take a long time! You could also speak to someone who had curated the best of what was out there. I have done this and layered it with my own commercial experience. I am on the other end of this process every day to save you time and most importantly keep you focused and encouraged.
Career coaches are so expensive. I don’t think I need one. I just need someone to point me in the right direction but I don’t think I can do it myself.
I am not someone who wants endless sessions with you; I want tactical meetings that hold you accountable and get you motoring in your career again. I WANT TO SEE YOU FLY. THAT IS MY WHY. I WANT OTHERS OUT OF THE RUT THAT I WAS IN. I still have a part-time job…this is my passion project. I’m doing this because I feel strongly about an inclusive workforce and women (and men) having fulfilling careers. I have spoken to too many stuck people who have so much to add. I believe your can deliver your best work well into your 40s, 50s 60s. I just want to get you up and running.

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