How to Use Your Humanness in Your Job Search

Comeback Girl Humanness in the Job Search

This last year has stretched us in many ways and I have observed new levels of humanness and vulnerability expressed in even quite formal business settings. Now, mental health awareness is openly discussed at work and movements such as #thisismywholeself encourage a more holistic expression of ourselves in the workplace. How to use your humanness […]

How to Excel at a Video Interview

In your excitement for a role have you thought about how to excel at video interview? You CAN take advantage of the platform to deliver a great meeting. Covid has accelerated the inevitable transition to this format. I spend most of my working week either in video interviews, or gaining feedback from interviewers who have […]

Keeping Hope in the Job Market in 2020

Keeping hope in the job market in 2020 seems challenging to say the least at the moment. Remember the first weeks of lockdown? With sourdough recipes, online language courses, mastering the “mute” button (or not), school-aged parents became self-styled teachers of the nation curriculum. We rose to the challenge, thinking that it would all be […]

How to Cope with the Covid Blur

Comeback Girl How to Manage Covid 19 Blur

If you’re a working parent of school-aged children right now your weekly routine has turned on its head. My kitchen is my meeting room, I can be looking at boiling peas on the hob or my boss’s head. I teach my children about prepositions whilst doing my regular 9 – 5.30, the washing basket constantly […]

How to Look for Work During during Covid-19

Comeback Girl looking for work in Covid

What is going to happen to the job market? Surely nothing, with the global share markets plummeting. Businesses (hopefully) are focusing on the safety of their staff and cash preservation. We start to understand that we are in this for the long haul. The press warns of recessed, even depressed markets. For you, if you […]

Redundancy Advice – How to Play it Well

Comeback Girl from Redundancy

Four in every 1000 people in the UK accept redundancy per month. Redundancy is not “being managed out” of a business or being sacked; it is a commercial fact of the market. After 20 years in recruitment, I see redundancy as an opportunity to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. Why? How can you […]