Are You Interview Confident?

A Quick Quiz to Show You How Ready You Are
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Job interviews are a huge part of your Career Comeback but seldom looked forward to.

What about if you could nail the first interview you’ve had in a while?

This short 7-question quiz will help you to determine if you are ready to perform well and hey, even look forward to and enjoy your performance!

It will also quickly let you see where you might wish to do some further groundwork.

Why not put use this quiz, prepared by an experienced recruiter as a checklist to make sure you are covered?

I designed these brief questions to encompass the main elements of preparation that I know you need to succeed.

Your results will give you a detailed idea of what the best next steps are for your success.

You may have already taken the quiz on our Home page.  Were you at the Planning Stage, Rehearsal Stage or Interview Confident?

Why not retake it, if curious about your progress? The path to returning to work is about the process, not perfection so it’s great to celebrate how much further along you are.