How to Sell Yourself Even if You’re an Introvert

Comeback Girl Introvert

I spoke over the last two weeks about LinkedIn and Facebook as crucial tools for the career returner looking to get back to work. Sometimes when we reach out for introductions, meet tonnes of new people, interview and generally sell ourselves   we have to battle the underlying fear of putting ourselves forward   We […]

No Networking Please, We’re Introverts

Industry – acting, gardening, banking, trading, is made up of good collaboration. That’s where you find out each others complementary strengths then build on them together. It is the DNA of business and it starts with conversations.  How can you have good conversations that lead to meaningful work? That is all that networking is. It […]

How to Look for Work During during Covid-19

Comeback Girl looking for work in Covid

What is going to happen to the job market? Surely nothing, with the global share markets plummeting. Businesses (hopefully) are focusing on the safety of their staff and cash preservation. We start to understand that we are in this for the long haul. The press warns of recessed, even depressed markets. For you, if you […]