How to Use Your Humanness in Your Job Search

Comeback Girl Humanness in the Job Search

This last year has stretched us in many ways and I have observed new levels of humanness and vulnerability expressed in even quite formal business settings. Now, mental health awareness is openly discussed at work and movements such as #thisismywholeself encourage a more holistic expression of ourselves in the workplace. How to use your humanness […]

Is a Sabbatical Good for your Career? – (a selfie blog)

Is a sabbatical a good idea for your career? I think and hope yes, because I am just about to embark on one. Recently I logged off for a minimum of three months, from the job that had been given me a large portion of my identity over five years.. I have a good employer […]

Combatting Ageism in the Job Search Part 2

You can be smart about combatting ageism in your job search. Be encouraged, the workforce is getting older and there is a move to promote age diversity in the market. That said, it is taking a while for most organisations to catch up with a wider cultural shift. Below is an expansion on the nine […]