Transferrable Skills from a Career Break Could Make You MD Material!

Comeback Girl Transferrable Skills from Career Break

Do not despise this day of small beginnings and the transferrable skills you are learning right here, right now. There are so many background circumstances to taking a career break. Redundancy, illness, parenthood… Whilst returning can be daunting, it is worth asking yourself what professional skills you actually are refining? The Skills that I Picked […]

Podcast #11 Emee Vida Estacio on Imposter Syndrome


She has written ‘The Impostor Syndrome Remedy’ and ‘Change your Life For Good’. In this episode, I talk to author and academic Emee Vida Estacio about her Amazon No1 selling books. She shares her tested methods for overcoming self-doubt and understanding and managing your inner critic. Her trademark is PAME: Living with Purpose, Action, Momentum […]