An Expert’s Guide to Negotiating Job Fulfilment

How to negotiate part 2 see part 1 You’ve been offered what you think is great role and you are excited and frankly just want the whole thing over with. They seem to be offering a decent salary and you’re keen to just sign. Negotiating job fulfilment seems like a big ask.   Opportunity This […]

Negotiating the Best Offer – 11 Unique Recruiter Insights

From Behind the Recruiter’s Desk In my job in a management consultancy I spend a lot of time making offers and then negotiating them. I’m sharing with you my internal recruiter insights on how to play it. This post assumes that you already have an offer and want to improve it. Although this post largely […]

How to Sell Yourself Even if You’re an Introvert

Comeback Girl Introvert

I spoke over the last two weeks about LinkedIn and Facebook as crucial tools for the career returner looking to get back to work. Sometimes when we reach out for introductions, meet tonnes of new people, interview and generally sell ourselves   we have to battle the underlying fear of putting ourselves forward   We […]

Podcast #9 Jess Spiring on a Season for Everything

I talk to journalist/editor Jess Spiring about her prolific career in magazines and newspapers, why she thinks print will never truly die and how there’s a season for everything. iTunes link after the embed; don’t forget you can join my mailing list to hear podcasts before they’re published, as well as getting posts straight to […]

Tune Up Your Network pt.2 – Make Friends with Facebook

Statistically returners get jobs from contacts – from their network. Anecdotally, my last two podcast guests have got their most recent jobs in the same way. Jess Spiring (exclusive to blog subscribers this week – join my mailing list for posts straight to your inbox, exclusive podcasts and more) via her inbox. She got the […]