Podcast #5 Patsy Richardson: Kidney Transplant to Career Relaunch

Comeback Girl podcast with Patsy Richardson on Career after Ill Health

Coming back to work after a career break can be tough but what about if you have to find a kidney donor, endure a transplant and brain surgery first? Patsy Richardson shares how she went from kidney transplant to career relaunch in Podcast #5. If you meet Patsy Richardson today, she is a pink-cheeked, talented […]

Stay at Home Parenting – Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Staying at home to bring up children is probably fundamental to the world turning on its axis. That said, I am constantly around clever mothers (usually it’s mums) that I know saying “I should be working”. The ONS says 4.7 million mothers now work compared to 3.7 million in ’96. This is 75% of women […]