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How to Excel at a Video Interview

In your excitement for a role have you thought about how to excel at video interview? You CAN take advantage of the platform to deliver a great meeting. Covid has accelerated the inevitable transition to

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Comeback Girl How to Manage Covid 19 Blur

How to Cope with the Covid Blur

If you’re a working parent of school-aged children right now your weekly routine has turned on its head. My kitchen is my meeting room, I

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Comeback Girl Lucy Standing

Podcast #14 Lucy Standing on Role Shadowing

Can work shadowing help you find the right role for you? Short answer: Absolutely! Long answer, in her podcast Chartered Occupational Psychologist Lucy Standing describes the evidence

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Self Care

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Comeback Story

Surviving a career break by Ruth Reynolds

“When I left my job in October 2017 I had no idea that I would re-train for a career in HR, I would be unemployed for a year or that it would take a further year to achieve the role I really wanted”.

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